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Common Roofing Problems


As storms batter down on the country, we believe now is the best time to address some common roofing problems. Your roof is your home’s area most exposed to the elements and the most common area from where lasting damage can be caused. From wind, rain and even snow, to unwelcome pests and maybe even some protected species, your roof can be the source of considerable damage to your home. Join DBK Builders and Joiners, as we take you through some of the most common and damaging roofing problems.

Bad Installation

A badly installed roof is a recipe for disaster. Roof tiles placed incorrectly can allow water to enter, leading to a myriad of problems. Improperly fixed tiles, caused by poor nail placement, can result in slipping and breaking, leaving the structure of your roof totally exposed. Moreover, when guttering or flashing is not applied properly, this could cause water to be misdirected leading to pooling and penetration. Thus, the first concern when it comes to roofing is that is installed correctly.

Water Damage

With sky-high annual rainfall figures across most of the North West, the greatest threat to your roof is water damage. While proper roof installation will mitigate most problems arising from water damage, flat roofs and those prone to being punctured pose a considerable challenge. Water pooling is another sign of your roof failing and will require urgent action. Apart from leaks and water damage, if water pools excessively it may jeopardise the structural integrity of your roof and lead to possible collapse.

Roof Membrane

The protective membrane below your roof tiles is the all-important cog which makes your roof function. However, prone to shrinkage caused by UV light, the roof’s protective membrane can crack and ridge over time. This can lead to tiles being disturbed and your roof failing.