With years of experience laying and maintaining patios, DBK Builders and Joiners are here to show you how you can keep your patio clean.
Of course, this goes without saying. Regular brushing is vital to ensure your patio and garden paving are free from dirt, debris and grime. However, it is more important than it first seems. In the summer months, as plants and weeds go to seed, these seeds will find their way into cavities. With some water, sunlight and conducive temperatures, these seeds will germinate. If untouched and left to grow, all sorts of flowers, plants, weeds and grasses, will take over your patio in no time. Regular brushing, using a brush with tough bristles will interrupt the seed germination process and prevent the unsightly build up of growth on your patio.
Jet Washing
Brushing may be too labour intensive for some and thus not a viable option. In this circumstance, a jet wash may offer the perfect solution. Jet washing achieves the benefits of brushing, minus the hard work. However, it does come with its own pitfalls. Using a jet wash on joint areas too closely can leave the mortar liable to damage. Also, a high-pressure jet wash can damage slabs and paving. So, go slow and steady, otherwise you may do more damage than good. Through a combination of regular brushing and occasional jet washing, you can keep your patio weed-free and gleaming.
Joints and Sealing Slabs
If you allow the degradation of either the joints in your patio or the sealing slabs, your patio will accelerate towards degradation. By ensuring joints are well maintained, you will go a long way towards combatting the prevalence of weeds. By sealing paving stones, you will contribute to the prevent of moisture permeating the flags. A sealant will also help keep your paving stones looking fresh and new!