Walls before floors – If you’re planning on renovating your flooring, it might be worthwhile considering whether your walls need a touch up first. Since your old flooring will soon be on its way out, you can worry less about the mess you make when re-doing your walls, prior to the installation of your new flooring. Save yourself the mess and hassle and enjoy a doubly new look to your home.

Keep brushes and rollers fresh – You don’t need to wash brushes and rollers between coats or uses. Rather than going through the pain of washing your vital painting tools between each use, use cling film to keep them in full working order. Simply, wrap used brushes and rollers in cling film and they will stay moist enough to use again soon.

Talc – Talc is a great DIY hack that you’ll be thankful to know. Sprinkled sparingly on squeaky door hinges and creaky floorboards, talk can really do wonders to get rid of those annoying sounds.

Baby oil – We’ve all been there, after painting we find that our tiny gloves barely protected us to our cuffs. You’ve tried scrubbing and a range of toxic agents you really shouldn’t use for the purpose, yet you still can’t get that paint residue off your skin. Well, baby oil to the rescue! A small amount of baby oil can help get rid of those pesky paint residues.

Paint fumes – Followed by correct ventilation practices, protect yourself further from overbearing paint fumes by adding a dab of vanilla essence to your paint tin. This way, you might get more of it done before retiring with a headache!

Linseed oil – A glob of paint drops on a surface without us noticing. By the time we go to wipe it, it’s gone hard and some stays behind. Here, rubbing a little linseed oil on the affected area can help remove the paint stain once and for all.