The Point of Repointing

Every inch of your home is important, and it is vital that the little things are not neglected. Quite aside from all the precious contents of your home, the outside plays its part too. An often overlooked part of upkeeping your home is pointing the brickwork, an essential maintenance task which has numerous benefits aside from the visual.

What is Pointing?

Your home’s pointing is the mortar that lies between the bricks on the outside of your property. Over time this can wear away and crumble, leaving the structure of your home vulnerable to damage which could prove costly to correct. Repointing involves removing the damaged mortar and refilling the gaps to strengthen and protect the brickwork from further harm.

Why do we need to repoint our home?

A properly pointed brick façade helps preserve the structure of your home, strengthening the brickwork and keeping your home standing. The pointing also prevents water seeping between the bricks, allowing you to avoid damp problems later on! Water resting between the bricks can freeze and expand, causing further damage to your walls. Another fantastic benefit of pointing is retaining heat inside your home. Less heat is allowed to escape through the walls, so you can save money on your heating bills. And let’s not forget the visual bonus- a new pointing job can transform and refresh the outside look of your home and make it look as good as new!

How often is repointing needed?

While not the most glamourous of home renovations, repointing is an important part of your refurbishments. One of the more positive aspects of pointing, however, is its longevity. A well-done pointing job has a lifespan of more than two decades, so the process is a wonderful investment in the future of your home.